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Monday, October, 2023

AHR #11

The latest issue of Australian Hot Rodder – #11 – is now in stock and available to order.

Following on from previous issues of AHR this new issue is jam-packed with interesting and informative features accompanied by fantastic photos of iconic Australian hot rods, rodding personalities, and drag racers.

Features included in AHR #11 are:

  • Rod Broberg’s Model A dream.

    Rod Broberg spent more than 20 years collecting the parts to build the flathead-powered Model A coupe of his dreams, but had barely started on it when he sadly passed away. His passing could have spelt the end of the story, but it didn’t. Two of his good mates, Rick Pianta and Ray Charlton, took it on and saw it through to the finish for his widow, Heather, to enjoy.

    AHR #11

  • Ray Davis’ traditionally-styled Model A roadster

    Ray Davis drew inspiration from tradition for his Model A roadster. While the super sweet rod boasts a raft of brand new aftermarket hot rod bits and pieces its style is straight out of the 1950s rodding playbook.

  • The Wilson brothers’ Six Pot Screamer.

    The six-cylinder Holden-powered altered built and raced by Melbourne brothers Ivan and Paull Wilson was one of the winningest rigs on the race track in the 1970s, setting a host of time and speed records, snaring numerous titles, and shattering the 10-second barrier.

  • Bill Tait’s Thunderball.

    With a 27-litre World War 2 Rolls-Royce V12 bomber engine filling it from top to bottom, front to back the sedan dubbed ‘Thunderball’ has to be the most outrageous Holden to ever put rubber to road.

  • John “Chook” Taylor’s beautiful black ’33 coupe.

    John Taylor, aka “Chook”, was a youngster when he caught the hot rodding bug in the 1950s. When he set out to build his ’33 five-window coupe he chose to do it in the style of the rods he remembers from the early days of rodding on the streets of Sydney.

    AHR #11

  • Livin’ the dream

    Alan Murchison has been living the hot rodding dream for more than 70 years since discovering the new and exciting hobby on his way to school way back in the early 1950s. In the years since he has built hot rods, raced them on the speedway, and blazed across the dry lakes of South Australia in a wild twin-engined streamliner.

  • Peter Clara’s timeless Deuce.

    Peter Clara’s Deuce roadster was one of the best rods on the road in the 1950s when it was built by Geoff Sleeth; today it’s one of the most authentic early rods to be found.

  • Parts Pioneer

    Before we had hot rod supermarkets to source our parts local rodders had to rely on men like Jim Veal who was one of the first to get involved in the manufacture of hot rod parts in Australia.

Order your copy of AHR #11 right here or by phone on 0409 705 062 and we’ll have it winging its way to you home in no time at all.


Tuesday, August, 2020

Sadly, Coronavirus is still with us, and looks like keeping us in lockdown for some time yet.

Normally at this time of year we would be getting ready to hit the road to attend the rod runs, shows and swap meets that in other times would take place in the coming weeks and months.

With events cancelled and state borders closed we can’t get out to meet our readers and connect with those who like to buy AHR directly from us.

While we can’t get out to you we’re still here and getting on with business as best we can in these trying times.

To make it easier we’ve cut the price of AHR while the virus is here.

Normally, the price of a single copy of AHR is $29.95, but for the foreseeable future we’ve reduced it by 25 per cent to just $22.50.


The discounted price not only applies to the latest issue, AHR Number 9, but to all past issues as well, so you can catch up with the latest issue, or on any of the back issues you might have missed.

Not only have we cut the price of AHR, we also discounted the cost of mailing it out to you.

Good old Australia Post charges us $12.20 to send a copy of AHR to you wherever you are in Australia, but we’ve capped the cost of postage to $10. That’s another saving of 18 per cent.

But even better, buy two or more copies of AHR and we’ll send them to you post-free. That’s right we won’t charge you for postage.

To order your copies of AHR Number 9 or any of our great back issues, simply go to and click on the 25%-off button at the top of our home page, or phone 0409 705 062 and we’ll take your order directly over the phone.

The Long Wait is Over AHR #9 is now in Stock

Monday, July, 2020

It’s been a long time coming but the wait is finally over with the arrival of Australian Hot Rodder Issue #9 from the printer.

AHR #9

Since its arrival we’ve been flat out packing and posting copies pre-ordered by our loyal readers, and the feedback we’ve received has been positive and enthusiastic.

AHR #9 is jam-packed with great features and stunning photography of a selection of new and older Australian hot rods, plus features on drag racing and hot rodding art.

The cover story tells the tale of a channelled ’32 roadster built in the mid-1960s by Queensland rodder, Gary Wright, right through to its stunning rebirth by NSW Central Coast rodder, Michael Morris.

Our telling covers the initial build by Wright, the 1970s rebuild by George Kotevich, and all of the owners before Morris stumbled over it and decided to faithfully restore it the Wright way.

There’s plenty more in AHR #9, like the Sedoupe show star from the 1960s, plus Glen Rewell’s stunning creations crafted from old lawn mower parts, ‘Flat Out’ Frankie Robinson’s adventures at the wheel of his Model A roadster, Keith Stamp’s love of hot rodding and historic racing, ‘Wild Man’ Jim Walton’s time at the wheel of a Fuel Altered drag racer, Rob Hoskins love of early Fords, and Rob Carroll’s classic Deuce highboy roadster.

All of that at the special discount of 25% off the regular cover price while the Covid 19 pandemic is with us.

The 25% discount also applies to all back issues of AHR #9 which makes it a great time to pick up any past issues you’ve missed out on.

Order your copy now! Click here, or phone 0409 705 062.


Tuesday, December, 2018

AHR #8

Australian Hot Rodder Issue No. 8 has arrived, and with Christmas around the corner the timing is perfect for anyone who is looking for the perfect gift for the hot rodder in their lives.

Like previous issues AHR #8 brings to life Australian hot rodding like no other publication.

Packed into its 152 glossy, full colour pages are great features on Kev Kracht’s sweet ’33 Ford Sport Coupe, Ross Baron’s interpretation of a classic ’33 Ford roadster, Glenn Holmes’ ’60s T-bucket, Bob Moule’s early Holden custom coupe, the traditional rods of Michael Ahrens, veteran Sydney rodder Ronnie Williams, Joe Pirotta’s Mustang-powered FX Holden, Neil Stamp’s classic ’35 Ford coupe, and pioneering American rodder Dick Scritchfield.

To order your copy, click here, or phone 0409 705 062.

While you’re here check out our great value past issue packs. Buy two or more back issues, that’s Issue #1 to Issue #7, and we’ll only charge you $20 per issue and we won’t charge you for postage.


Sunday, November, 2018

AHR #8

The writing is done, the photography is finished, it’s been proofed, printed, and it’s now being shipped.

Yes, the much-anticipated Issue No. 8 of Australian Hot Rodder is on its way from the printers.

With the sharp ’33 Ford Sort Coupe of third generation hot rodder, Kev Kracht on the cover, Issue No. 8 of AHR brings Australian hot rodding alive with great stories and stunning photography on some of the best hot rods and hot rodders this country has produced.

To order your copy, click here, or phone 0409 705 062.

  • Australian Hot Rodder #11

    Australian Hot Rodder #11

    Packed with great features and stunning photography on new and nostalgic rods and customs. 

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  • Australian Hot Rodder #10

    Australian Hot Rodder #10

    Packed with great features and stunning photography on new and nostalgic rods and customs. 

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