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Thursday, January, 2022

AHR #10

It’s been a long and sometimes frustrating wait, but Issue #10 of Australian Hot Rodder has finally arrived at AHR headquarters and is being shipped out to our pre-order customers as fast as is humanly possible.

We’d like to thank you, our loyal readers who have been more than patient in waiting for AHR #10 to become available.

Like everyone in these difficult times the COVID 19 pandemic has thrown up challenges we have never had to face before.

Limits on movement have meant we haven’t been able to travel to do the stories and photo shoots we would have liked.

Rod runs and shows have been postponed or cancelled, which has limited our ability to catch up and talk to hot rodders, as we like to do.

We, like you, are hoping that 2022 is better than the year just gone, that the problems of COVID 19 will fade from our lives, and we can get on with life as we knew it before the pandemic struck.

Now we have copies of AHR #10 being delivered we can fully turn our attention to AHR #11.

We have been working on AHR #11 for some time now and can reveal some of the content we are working on or have in the planning stage.

  • Rod Hadfield’s ’32 roadster
  • Ray Davis’s sweet Model A roadster
  • John Taylor’s lucky find ’34 coupe
  • The screaming six-pack altered of the Wilson brothers.
  • The Count’ Max de Jersey
  • Wayne Sweeney’s rare ’33 roadster pickup
  • Rod Broberg’s Model A coupe

That’s just a taste of what’s to come. We’ll keep you updated as we get on with it, check out the website for our regular posts.

Without your support it wouldn't be possible to publish AHR at all, so thank you.

If you haven’t ordered your copy of AHR #10 yet, click here or phone the editor, Graham Smith, on 0409 705 062 and we’ll make it happen.


Saturday, November, 2021

AHR #10

It’s taken a long time, too long, but we’re stoked to report that the printing of AHR10 has been completed and it looks great.

Having signed off on the advanced copies we’re now waiting for the production copies to hit town. Hopefully that will be soon…

As soon as they arrive we will be sending them out to all those who have taken up our pre-order offer of $26.95 per issue plus postage. That’s a discount of 10 per cent on the regular retail price.

The pre-order offer is only available for a limited time, so if you haven’t ordered yours yet there’s no time to waste.

AHR#10 is jam-packed with great stories and fab photos on Australian hot rodding, its cars, personalities, racers, and colourful history.

Order your copy here, or phone 0409 705 062.


Thursday, October, 2021

AHR #10

With lockdowns, border closures, curfews, and travel restrictions, Covid has affected everybody in Australia, and the people who bring you Australian Hot Rodder haven’t been immune to the difficulties.

But at last, after what seems an eternity, Australian Hot Rodder #10 has been completed and is now in the hands of our printer.

That means it will soon be available for purchase from our website and selected retailers around the country and in New Zealand.

Boasting 136 full colour, glossy pages packed with the best hot rodding yarns and photography it will surely deliver hours of top reading.

Our cover features Wayne Sweeney’s beautiful flathead- six Model T Tudor that screams the ’50s from every angle.

There’s also Al Fountain’s tough Poly-powered retro Model A coupe, John Lynch’s 427 cubic inch SOHC- motored ’34 roadster, John Hayward and his obsession with ’39 Chevys, Malcolm Church’s wizardry with vintage hot rod engines, Bob Dunn and his blazing blown-altered racer, plus a nostalgic look back at Pakenham, the birthplace of Australian drag racing and hot rodding.

Pre-order your copy now and we’ll give you a 10 per cent discount on the cover price, that’s $26.95 per copy, plus postage.

  • Australian Hot Rodder #11

    Australian Hot Rodder #11

    Packed with great features and stunning photography on new and nostalgic rods and customs. 

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  • Australian Hot Rodder #10

    Australian Hot Rodder #10

    Packed with great features and stunning photography on new and nostalgic rods and customs. 

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