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AHR #9 Coming Soon

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

AHR #9

Packed with great features and stunning photography on new and nostalgic rods and customs.

– Michael Morris’ beautiful recreation of Gary Wright’s ’60s era channelled Deuce roadster.

– One of the show sensations of the ’60s, the Sedoupe lives! We track it down.

– In its 60s years as a rod Rob Carroll’s ’32 highboy roadster has been witness to every trend in hot rodding.

– Keith Stamp has fought back from a stroke and continues to be active in hot rodding and historic racing.

– Frankie ‘Flatout’ Robinson has always lived and loved life in the fast lane.

– After years as a radical hot rodder Rob Hoskins turned restorer to preserve the early Fords he loved so much.

– Mower man Glen Rewell turns trash into hot rodding treasure.

– The Fuel Altereds were the clowns of drag racing in the 1970s. We revisit the wild tyre smoking antics of Jim Walton.

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